Preserving and restoring rare, vintage, Apple computers for years to come primarily focused on prototype machine. Many machines are not functional when I purchase them but nearly every machine in my collection is fully operational. 

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My name is Hap Plain. My day job, which allows me to afford these gems, is working at Lexus. From a young age, I’ve always been taking things apart. I’m just one of those people who likes to know how stuff works and whenever possible fix it. I recall my first Macintosh back in the ’90s, a Performa 575. It was a great computer and there was a vintage Apple store, rainbow sign and all, just down the street for repairs. My family switched over to PC's during the dark ages, but once I started to need a computer during high school, I made a push for a Mac. I bought a first-generation iPod classic before they even had software for PCs and that’s what got me hooked. I’ve been using a Mac since 2002 and won’t go back. Read more about my collection at:

The proto Preserve