The proto Preserve‚Äč

Apple  Lisa 2/10 Prototype with Developers  (E/87) ROM

Prototype PowerMac Xserve G4

Freestyle PowerBook (touch screen)

Prototype G4 Cube 

Prototype PowerMacintosh G4 (Mirror Door Drive)

Prototype PowerMacintosh G4 (Quick Silver)

Macintosh Portable M5120 with Apple Backlight Kit

Transparent Macintosh Portable M5120 Prototype

Prototype Akkord Jonathan Mac

Transparent MiniDock Prototype

Transparent Apple ImageWriter II Prototype

Prototype iBook G3 Indigo

Prototype PowerBook XXXX (5300c Laptop that saved world in Independence Day (movie))

Prototype  Apple Lisa Mouse

Prototype Clearshot Apple In-ear buds

Prototype Apple Bluetooth Headset

Prototype Colby WalkMac

Transparent Macintosh Portable M5126 Prototype

Prototype G4 Cube w/ built in speaker

Prototype PowerMacintosh G5 (2.5 Quad Core "Duck")

Prototype Kanga PowerBook

Transparent  Apple IIc  Prototype

Prototype MacintoshTV

Prototype Pismo PowerBook

Prototype Wireless Mouse

Developer Apple Transition System (Intel Transition Box)

Prototype PowerMacintosh G3 (B&W)

Prototype PowerBook Titanium P59

 Macintosh Portable M5120 Prototype with Developers ROM

Transparent  Mac SE Prototype

MacPro Prototype

OutBound 125 Mac Clone

DynaMac Mac Clone

JLPGA PowerBook 170 John Sculley Signed

Prototype Wired (black) Mouse

Macintosh Portable M5126 Prototype

Prototype iBook G3

Prototype Apple Network Server (500/132) [coming soon]

Prototype B.A.S Apple Network Server

Prototype PowerBook 230 Duo with Prototype Transparent MiniDock

Prototype Wired Keyboard

Prototype PowerMacintosh G5 (DP 1.8Ghz)

Prototype PowerBook Titanium P25

Everything Portable

Prototype Wired Mouse

Prototype Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

Prototype Chrome PowerBook 17" (1.0Ghz)

Prototype Wireless Keyboard

Prototype PowerMacintosh/Express 9700 (PEX)

Transparent PowerBook 170 Prototype