Mac mini G4 Cube Conversions :

Send any 2009 and before Mac mini with G4 Cube chassis and I will install it so your Cube maintains it's aesthetics with no one being the wiser 

The proto Preserve‚Äč

20th Anniversary Mac repair and upgrade repair(s):

Send me your 20th Anniversary Mac and I will repair the Bose "buzzing" noise with a permanent solution, install any size CF card, and fix any CD-ROM issues

Vintage Computer Repair Service(s) :

I have the ability and resources to repair a great number of Apple products. My hourly rate is $175-$300 (depending on services requested/performed) and I will provide a written estimate for repairs prior to performing any work. If the estimate does not cover the associated costs, you will be contacted with a revised estimate to complete repairs prior to performing any additional work.